Kyri & Matthew

Kyri & Matthew small family wedding was amazing. The couple stood in a circle surrounded by their family with Matthew's grandfather officiating the wedding, on his 25th wedding anniversary. The couple had their parents pray over them as the whole family joined in hands and then they exchanged heart felt vows. I would be lying if I said I didn't start to tear up during Kyri's vows. With sniffles and blotting of tears, the couples exchanged their rings and sealed it all with a kiss. What an amazing ceremony.

After some family photos we had one. of. my. favorite! bridal sessions. It was absolutely magical.

The setting.

The over pouring of love the couple felt for each other.

It all was the perfect vibe.

Not only did we get some amazing photos, but the couple got to have a private first dance with each other. Again, I started to tear up.

Kyri & Matthew thank you again for letting me be apart of your day. It truly was as loving as you guys are.