Lindy & Eli's Engagement

Probably to this date the most I have laughed during an engagement session was with these two. Their chemistry with each other is something to behold. The way Eli would make Lindy relax and forget I was there with just a silly little joke or a eye catching smirk, it was amazing. This would be the set up to an amazing wedding.

Lindy & Eli

Shooting weddings is an amazing job. Shooting friends weddings is like you aren't even working. Holy cow I had such a blast at this wedding. I also have never cried as much during a first look as I cried during their first look. Watching Eli just give into his emotions and let it all out was so touching. Not only that but to see how well they complimented each others emotions throughout the day was amazing. Plus the dancing was so good! Eli and his family know how to dance the night away.

Eli & Lindy thank you for being amazing friends and for allowing me to capture your day. It truly was something special.