Ryley & Dakota's Engagement photos

I remember meeting up with Ryley to discuss their wedding. We got some amazing coffee, shout out to Kingdom Coffee in Springfield, MO, and I got to hear about their incredible story. It was a really good time, and it set in motion what would lead to an amazing wedding. One year prior to the wedding, we met at the state park they were getting married in to do some engagement photos. It was looking like a drab dreary day, but when we reached the peak of a tall hill the sun came out and everything fell into place.

Ryley & Dakota

The day finally came when we got to complete the circle. From sharing coffee, to phone meetings, to the engagement photos all leading to this day. The day was full of high energy, big laughs, and lots and lots of champagne. I remember setting up the first look with the coordinator. Trying to get Ryley in a specific spot and leading Dakota to him all with neither of them seeing each other until Dakota was an arms length from Ryley. After the first look and those dramatic portraits, they tidy up and headed to the ceremony. I normally tear up at most ceremonies, I am a hopeless romantic I guess. But at their ceremony I was full on crying. The vows they exchanged and just the overwhelming amount of love got me. Not just from Ryley and Dakota, but also from all of their guests. It was nothing shy of amazing. The rest of the night was filled with even more champagne, laughter, dancing, and a ridiculously fun balloon exit.

This is a wedding I will remember for a long time, and I am so happy I was able to capture it.